About Studio3 Audio

Studio3 is a full service audio, electronic design and repair shop, tube and solid state, specializing in vintage electronics repair and restoration . I can repair most types of equipment from sound studio equipment, guitar amplifiers, guitars, pedals and assorted boxes, cables and most anything that an audio signal travels through.

About Jeff

    • Studio3 grew out of a 34 year hobby with electronics.
    • Growing up with a Dad who was of a concert pianist caliber, I was exposed to a lot of live music and have always tried to recreate that “live” sound.

About the Shop

  • Your guitar and/or equipment is handled with the utmost care.
  • The shop is efficient and highly organized for quick turn around times.
  • I am the only technician and do not employ and/or use any other techs. I oversee each project from start to finish.